Clearwater Springs Ranch

Meet the Neighbours

Wells Gray Park, Clearwater, B.C Canada
3 Rooms B&B, 1 Cottage
Starting @169/night

Black Bear

enrapture us with their presence

Red Squirrel

entertain us with their regular visits

Wild Bees

are attracted to the wide variety of wildflowers in the park


will often follow their own trails through the ranch

Sandhill Cranes

can be observed coming and going from the local bodies of water

River Otter

can be found frolicking in the rivers, lakes and marshes

Mule Deer

regularly visit the ranch as they forage in the area.


can be best observed in the fall and winter seasons

Steller's Jays

utilize our railing for their regularly scheduled conferences

Tree Frog

of vibrant green, captures our intrigue


observe us from a distance with caution


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10 Years In a Row &

2020’s “Best of the Best”

Trip Advisor's Travellers' Choice Best of the Best Award