Our Ranch

The Yak Shack

Wells Gray Park, Clearwater, B.C Canada
3 Rooms B&B, 1 Cottage
Starting @169/night
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On This Ranch, to Fall Asleep,… We count Yaks and No Sheep.

Many decades ago this property was a ranch, and 2021 was exactly the time to restore this historical purpose. It was a also the perfect time to introduce a new animal with a truly striking exotic appearance to this valley. With their handlebar horns, buffalo humped shoulders, horse-like tail and long hairy skirt, our Tibetan Yaks are very pleasing to the eye.

This breed, that is at home at high mountainous elevations with great temperature extremes, is a perfect match for us. They are exceedingly cold hardy and even prefer to eat snow rather than drink water.

Yaks are extremely intelligent, curious, independent, serene, mellow and quiet animals. They do not bellow, bawl or moo. Instead, they communicate in quiet grunts, snorts and head shakes.

Yaks are a multipurpose animal. They provide a source of breeding stock, meat, fibre, milk and dairy products, hides and horns. They also make excellent pack and trekking animals.

The North American Yak is kind of a “boutique” niche, but with it’s eco-friendly hoofprint, it has a great future ahead for sure.